My TSH is 0.02 and free T4 level is also lowish at 15.9. Should I be treated for underactive thyroid?

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I'm female nearly 77 and have just been diagnosed through blood tests normally taken because I have MDS/MPN.  My symptoms suggest either hypo or hyper.  I have not put weight on - I've lost some deliberately, I used always to be cold but not now - sometimes I sweat doing normal housework (probably due to blood cancer and back pain) and I don't sleep well.

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Normally TSH should be 0.5-4 (there might be some slight variations among different labs). So a THS level of 0.02 suggests hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), not underactive thyroid! Did not your doctor tell you about this?! You should get treated for this overactive thyroid, not underactive thyroid. You'd better see an endocrinologist.