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I’m a 58 female and have obese for many years. I’ve finally lost 60 lbs (have 35 more to go). I’ve had GERD for many years bc of weight and hereditary. I took doxycycline about a month ago for pneumonia and now my symptoms have intensified greatly. I feel short of breath sometimes, feel air/gas moving around, my stomach makes awful noises, belching constantly and loud, nausea sometimes, light color poop and looks like food not digesting completely, thirsty, sometimes feel weak. Dry cough after I eat.  I have a colonoscopy/endonoscopy scheduled Nov 19th. But I need help now! It’s scary and I need an answer. Thank you!

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How would others help you without knowing your endoscopy results? If the GERD is very severe, then it would cause shortness of breath, belching, bloating, and so on. You can try omeprazole to see if it could relieve your symptoms.
You'd better get an upper endoscopy (gastroscopy) while you get the colonoscopy to see if you have problems with the esophagus and the stomach. Severe GERD would cause problems of breathing, such as cough and difficulty breathing. If confirmed, drugs like omeprazole can help to relieve the symptoms.