What can I do to stop the twitching in my abdomen after having a pacemaker put in? Doctors office are closed today.

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I had a pacemaker put I. On November 1, 2021 and had to go back to the doctor to have it adjusted. Yesterday, my abdomen started twitching continuously unless I lay on my back.  Can you give me advice how to help

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You still need to see a cardiologist to adjust the parameters of the pacemaker for symptom relief. You can try to distract yourself currently.

To the best of my knowledge, the pacemaker is generally placed in the upper chest below the collar bone. It does not seem to cause twitching in the abdomen. Anyway, muscle twitching is not a medical emergency and you can have you cardiologist examine it. Drink more water and get your abdomen rested. It could help your abdomen to relieve a little bit.