Low eGFR on both, African American and Non-African American.

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I’m a 67 year old Caucasian female, 180 lbs, 5’7” tall, both results for EGFR are under 60, AA=55, non AA=48. Does this mean that I don’t have much muscle mass? I’m as strong as a bull and tests in the past showed the same low results. Can you interpret the results for me please?

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The result does not mean that you do not have enough muscles. In fact, the eGFR is a parameter that assesses your kidney function. In general, eGFR should be 60, and an eGFR level that is less than 60 often suggests kidney function impairment. However, in some, with normal aging, the eGFR can be less than 60. So you should get other tests, such as urine tests and kidney ultrasound, to determine whether the decreased eGFR is indicative of kidney injury or just as a result of normal aging.