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Can sepsis be treated finally
It depends. Most cases can be cured, some may not. If sepsis isn't cured, the patient dies.
What are the treatments for blood infection?
I don't understand is about blood infection from what cause
Hello Delores, it's a good question. Infection usually starts in organs and soft tissues, if the infection isn't managed properly, it gets severe, then the blood is infected.
What causes a blood infection?
Mine started as a uti
I had sepsis how do I no if am having a relapse when I didn't have any of the symptoms when I had it
Hello. As for sepsis, when it's cured, it's cured. In case a person has sepsis for a second time, it's a new and different one, not the old one revisiting. If someone has sepsis for a second time, he/she should feel at least some of the symptoms as he/she did last time.
My name is Karen I had one Tarlov v cyst at 1 and now I hav anther at T 2 the 1 at T1 Left is The one that disabled me . Can you have Tarlov Cysts in your brain? Thank you Karen Stahl
Dear Karen, Tarlov cysts are found most commonly at the sacral level of the spine. But cysts can occur in brain, it's called brain cysts. According to exisiting reports and researches, there's no link between the two. Brain cysts are usually benign, if they develop into relatively big size that cause symptoms, there're ways to remove them. However, the surgery treatment to Tarlov cysts is less common. There are a small number of physicians in the world who have surgical expertise in the treatment for Tarlov cysts. The short-term and long-term outcome of surgery is improving but variable in individual patients at this time. The Tarlov cysts foundation provides information about this disease. You can find a name list of Neurosurgeons who are recognized in this field here All the best. HTQ
There is a doctor in Dallas that does this surgery only one in country a a Dr Frank Fegeinbaum he removed a couple on my lower back I live in Massachusetts and would only go to him and my insurance paid for it he’s fantastic highly recommend him for anything to do with garlic cysts
Tarlov* cysts
I was bitten by a cat 15 years ago a blood  streak ran up the same arm. Went to emergency unit. They treated me with strong antibiotics and cleaned bite area.  With in a month l began getting one ailment after another.  Bronchitis, uti’s, carpal tunnel, headache’s, to much to list.  Now for almost 8 months l have developed a chronic cough with lots of clear phlegm. Chronic Fatigue.  Lot’s of tests/ treatment medication.  No relief or treatment protocol because of it’s inconclusive.  Could this be Tarlov cysts or blood infection?
It is definitely not Tarlov cysts, which are cysts of the nerve root. The main symptoms of this condition are:

    Pain in the area of the nerves affected by the cysts, especially the buttocks
    Weakness of muscles
    Difficulty sitting for prolonged periods
    Loss of sensation on the skin
    Loss of reflexes
    Changes in bowel function, such as constipation
    Changes in bladder function, including increased frequency or incontinence
    Changes in sexual function

Do you have a fever? Blood infection would almost always cause a fever. If you do not have a fever, then it is not a blood infection. My guess is that your cat bite 15 years ago is not related to all your conditions.
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