How Does the Peripheral Artery Disease Cause Poor Circulation?

2 Answers

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I had a very severe blockage in my left leg. Had angioplasty done. Toes are now warm and pink instead of purple and cold so the procedure worked. Now my left calf and foot are extremely painful. It has made sleeping almost impossible. Pain pills give almost no relief. Is this pain normal after this procedure. If so what can I do about it
Hello, normally the pain should relieve post surgery. I'll recommend you to tell your doctor about the pain.
Just wonder if one legs could be blocked more than the other
Yes, it's common that one leg is in more severe condition than the other.
I only have v. Veins on my right leg . Heart disease runs in my mother's family. I'm 55 & my dad died of stroke at 56. Sigh. Making my appointment with ohi today. Best wishes for all who suffer from this.