Dangers Caused by High Cholesterol

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Hi my name is Nancy hand I had a test done yesterday hand they said my cholesterol was 10000 I no that high hand they are sending me to my Hart Dr hand what can he do to lower it thank you
Hi Nancy, usually doctors will put you on Statins, a prescription that lowers cholesterol. They may also ask you to quit certain type of food, go to exercise, etc. It's gonna be a long term thing, but not scary at all.
My name is Joan. I just dropped my cholesterol medication because of almost debilitating side effects. I was on the medication for about 4-6 months. I will not take any statin drugs again. I will do it with diet and exercise.
Hi Joan. If your high cholesterol is an inherited factor (familial hypercholesterolemia), dropping it is unfortunately hard work as your body is predisposed to have a higher reading. Mine is too - my test gave a result of 9.4 and my doctor told me I was a stroke about to happen! My diet is good, I'm mostly vegetarian but eat some fish, my weight was ok, my BP was good and my blood sugar normal - he said changing my lifestyle wouldn't help and only statins would reduce it. I also did some research and found out - statins may be the only option for those who have had previously heart attack or stroke but for others they should not be the first choice and in fact for some they should be avoided. Only you can decide what your choice will be. Regards and good luck.