Is natural treatment useful for AFib?

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What is natural treatment for Afib?
Hi Ms. Mary, I really don't think natural treatment can work for Afib. Blood thinner is a must.
My mother-in-law, she passed away two years ago due to stroke. 10 months before the stroke, she was diagnosed with Afib. Dr. gave her blood thinner, she took them, she felt tired but okay. In 4 months there was a GI bleeding due to blood thinner. Dr. gave her some other meds and fixed the bleeding. And then, she stopped her blood thinner without telling my husband, she also took some herb medicine from one of her friends, every day I think. One day she fell to the floor with half of her body not movable. She was sent to ER, the ER doctors performed surgery immediately. The ER doctor explained to me how they were going to do, it didn't sound the worst situation, the doctor was confident. The surgery didn't end for 3 hours, an assistant came back and forth and two more doctors went into the operation room. In 4 hours, she was sent to ICU. It turned out, her heart was continuously making new blood clot, the doctors took out one blood clot from one vessel, the other blood vessel was then suddenly blocked. They to
It's uncomfortable with Afib, taking blood thinner is fine, but the heart rate is too fast, whatever I do I feel tired and kind of out of breath. Think about having it all rest of my life it's such a torture. My Dr. gave me beta blockers to reduce heart beat, help a little, not much. I wish there are something else. Is htere any new treatment?
To "PREVENT" Cardiac Arrest and Strokes eat cayenne peppers, chili peppers, jalapeno one or the other everyday...Cayenne Extract two (2) or more drops under the tongue when a person had a cardiac arrest or stroke. eat ALKALINE FOODS in ABUNDANCE.