What Is Sepsis?

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Sepsis is totally horrible. My grandpa just passed away in three days after a small leg ulcer infection. So if there is any infection in your body, small or big, go ahead to ask help from your doctors!
We're sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure he is now in a better place.
What does sepsis look like?
I’m so sorry for your loss.  I have just been released from the hospital after 8 days, I’m still on iv antibiotics at home.  I have sepsis.  I don’t understand how or what happened to me, I’m completely lost, weak, I can’t sleep, hell, I barely make it to the bathroom in time because these antibiotics are so strong.  I don’t know anyone in this area besides my husband, I’m so lost as to what happened to me or why.  I am a kidney patient though not on dialysis.  I just wish I understood what was happening to me...
Sepsis is deadly.  Your medical facility should medically clear up your Sepsis before the sent you home.  It is deadly.   I was cleared of the Sepsis before the would release me as the mortality rate is known to end in death of patient. You may seriously think of going to a different medical facility.  You simply don't send a patient home with the deadly Sepsis.
This is absolutely true.  A family friend, healthy active 12 year died from sepsis because it wasnt diagnosed early, was sent home from hospital with diagnosis of flu.  Sepsis is deadly if not diagnosed early enough and treated immediately!!
You are right, sepsis can be life-threatening,  but early treatment can also boosts your chances of survival. I am 51 now and in 2014 I was diagnosed with sepsis. My treatment was short and effective because I accepted a early and aggressive treatment. Although it took me more time to recover after the treatment, my doctor said I could get back to normal. And he is right. I do think a little slower than before, but my health condition is quite good now.
It’s a deadly blood bacteria