How to prevent sepsis?

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Yes, in a word, get vaccinated and avoid all the possible infections.
Vaccination is a good way to prevent infections, it probably can't prevent all the infections that we might have in an entire life. It's important to get treatment in time when infections occur.
Sepsis is a complication of infection. To prevent it, any infection should be treated carefully and in time under the guidance of medical practitioner. The infection that can lead to sepsis include:

1. urinary infection, like kidney or bladder infection
2. respiratory infection, like pneumonia
3. blood infection
4. skin infection
5. digestive infection

If you have diabetes, at old age, living in a community, you're at high risk. If you have symptoms of infection, you've got to get help from your primary.
i had salmonella and then i contracted sepsis.  my father died of this  ever since i have had sepsis contracted about 2 years ago my body is unhealthy.  i have to go to bed i cant eat my bowel movements burn and i have nothing to live for  i am a gardner all i can do is look outside  i am in hell
I also had severe sepsis 3 years ago. I was even on life support for two weeks with kidney and lung failure. I was hospitalized for a total of 7 weeks with heavy duty antibiotics and six blood transfusions! The doctor even warned that I would not survive, but I made a miracle. So never lose your heart! You can ask help from your friends and go to the hospital as soon as hospital