What's wrong with my food? I have diabetes.

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What shall I do?

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Had a diebetic ulcer on big toe it laste ayear last night my nail on big toe came off what can i do.
A lot of diabetic ulcers occur on the big toe. Since it has lasted for a year, you'd better get help from your health provider. There're ointments OTC available for diabetic ulcers, but in your case it's been a long time and your nail just came off, although not seeing a picture of your toe, I would bet you'll need debridement, which is to remove the dead skin and tissue. This has to be done by professionals. Depending on the extent of infection, your doctor might need to give you antibiotics. More information you may click here. http://healthtopquestions.com/diabetic-ulcer-how-to-take-care-of-your-foot/