Is it Necessary to Get A Bone Scan?

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They found a small 3 cm. Under my breast bone and want a bone scan what will. That show
They need to know if it's cancer or not through the scan. 3cm for a tumor is not small.
The scan will show if it's a tumor.
Dr. Says I can’t have a bone density test because of boyh hips bein g replaced. If this is true, is there some other test?
Full body bone scan may be an alternative.
If you have unexplained bone pain, a bone scan might help determine the cause. The test is very sensitive to any difference in bone metabolism. The ability to scan the entire skeleton makes a bone scan very helpful in diagnosing a wide range of bone disorders, including:



Paget's disease of bone

Cancer originating in bone

Cancer that has metastasized to bone from a different site

Infection of the joints, joint replacements or bones (osteomyelitis)

Impaired blood supply to bones or death of bone tissue (avascular necrosis)

It's used to diagnose bone disease and bone cancer, or cancer spread to the bone.