How Do I Know If I Have Bone Disorder?

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Hello, I went to sleep just fine. No soreness, no accidents to my foot, no pain the night before at all. 100% fine. I woke up this morning and my right big toe is in an incredible amount of pain to move it. It's tight and sore, I can't put pressure on it well. It still works and moves so I know it's not broken, plus I did nothing to think it could be broken. Any ideas as to what it could be?
I vote for gout. Yes, it's possible.
Hi Kristen, it sounds like a gout, did you have a nice dinner yesterday? With quite some sugar rich food and purine rich food, like seafood, animal organs, meat, desserts?

The most common complaint is bone pain, bone deformities, fractures. However, a lot of people don't have symptoms. 

A bone disorder might affect only one or two areas of your body or might be widespread to pelvis, skull, spine, and legs.