What is VLDL

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Please explain to me what is VLDL and how do I lower it down because my triglycerides are as follows: HDL is 39, LDL is 79 and VLDL is 19. I have a defibrillator and a afib heart.
Dear Mr. Van Leer, VLDL means very low-density lipoprotein, it's closely related to triglycerides because half of a VLDL particle is made up of triglycerides. Normal range of VLDL is below 30 mg/dl. VLDL is one of the bad ones. HDL value over 40 mg/dl is desired. LDL over 70 mg/dl is considered high for the group with higher risk of heart disease. If the value you listed is in mg/dl, they look almost fine but you will need to eat less fat and surgar, and do more physical exercise to elevate the good HDL. All the best. HTQ

VLDL means very low density lipoprotein. VLDL is one of the three main types of lipoproteins. 

VLDL contains the highest amount of triglycerides. VLDL is a type of "bad cholesterol" because it helps cholesterol build up on the walls of arteries.