Let's talk about your experience of Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

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10 years with the last 4 the most severe. Have done it all. Just had a NM bone & joint scan and it confirmed what recent MRI's confirmed moderate to severe degenerative changes of spine (and now hips). Was on 4mg dilaudid q 6 hrs for a year but quit 11 mo ago when 4 mg stop helping. I'm at wits end at this point, walking, attempting to get up from sitting and even driving my car causes severe pain. Any suggestions for relief?
Almost nothing to help, honestly.
Pot and an analgesic. Some pool therapy?
Yes, these therapies are conservative (in comparison to surgery) that help to relieve the pain associated with DDD in some people.
Analgesic is not a long-term treatment. Pool therapy can relieve the pain. I prefer surgery. I had my first spinal surgery at 20, my second and third at 21. Sure, the procedures hurt. But the pain I endured before the surgery was extremely horrible. I had permanent  damage and I even could not lay flat without great pain. Thanks to the surgeries, I get rid of the pain. And now, ten years later, I work happily in a physically demanding job.