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just test my ferritin today, my ferrtin count is 999.27. . im scared. .i dont know what is the effect to my blood. .could please advise me what can i don to make a litle lower. .
Hi, ferritin is not a stand-alone test, what are the results of the other indications, iron, TIBC, UIBC?
What is the tibc and uibc
tibc: total iron binding capacity blood test
uibc: unsaturated iron binding capacity blood test
I just got tested at the ER for iron levels... my results came back that my iron was a level 9. I had to come to the Er because I was getting very dizzy, it was hard to drive... my question is .... is taking iron supplements enough to help me.
Serum iron at 9 micromol/L? If so, taking iron supplements can help. Is it enough to help? It depends. In case there's absorption issue or excessive bleeding, you've got to have the issue treated first.
I had my stomach removed due to gastric cancer 5 yrs ago, I'm always tired due to absorption issues, I got a 100cc of iron on 10/5/18, lab work done on 10/31/18 my tibc is 268 uibc 194 iron sat is 28 but ferritin is 400. Should I be concerned???? I'm 49 yrs old
Hello. TIBC, UIBC, iron saturation are all good. Ferritin is higher, but it shouldn't be a problem in your case. Ferritin is the iron that your body stores. When the iron in your blood are gradually consumed the ferritin will turn into iron and your ferritin level should come down then.
Ferritin is indeed high. Many can lead to this, including inflammation, tumor, and frequent transfusion. Do you get iron transfusion frequently?
Just trying to see what wrong with my daughter. FE is 8.,TIBC 141., % FE Sat 5.0, Transferrin 101, and Ferritin 449.4. With these results. What is going on. She had 3 blood transfusions last month. She’s 33 yrs. old. Can someone explain. Everything is so low and Ferritin is so high. Her CBC are so abnormal also. Can someone help me with this. Thanks
Hello Mrs. Sims, the test result indicates the possible existence of a chronic disease. Chronic disease increased red blood cell destruction, hemoglobin is broken down, and iron is released. Excess iron binds to deferoxin as serum ferritin and is used as a storage iron reserve. Chronic disease is linked to inflammation. Inflammatory factors can prevent the binding of iron to transferrin, so the total iron binding capacity decreases.
I had a low ferritin count a normal iron count and a high tincture with a low hemoglobin could it be hemocromotosis?
No, in hemochromatosis ferritin count is high.
what is low and ferritin levels in your blood mean.