What Are the Symptoms of Fallen Bladder?

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Yeah, this discomfort always comes after my second son birth. It's a natural aging process as being a mommy. But i still want to know how to cure it ? Any self-treatment?
Hello Merlin, Giving birth causes muscle straining, muscle straining leads to fallen bladder. I'll bet you're a super mom, and have heavy lifting work occasionally. The treatment of fallen bladder depends on the staging. My recommendation is that you find some time to visit a doctor, and find out the staging of your situation. If it's stage 1, usually there's no treatment but you'll need to avoid heavy lifting. If it's stage 2 & 3, there're ways to help. A lot of women are great as mum and wife. You've got so many things to deal with every day so you don't have time to visit a doctor. But your health is the wealth of the family, and women should all be good to yourselves. All the best. HTQ
Do kegels everyday before you get out of bed to strengthen your muscles down there and do not lift heavy objects over 20 pounds maybe less than that.
This is a good suggestion!
I have bad cramps in the pev area& bladder fill full all the time even after I gone potty.
Inside the lower abdomen, something is messing around. Get an ultrasound, let's find the bad guy.