Normal Blood Pressure Table

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My BP in the last 24 hrs has ranged from 189/72 to 206/70 is there need to get help immediately?
I think you should go to ER. It's an emergency, the BP is way to high.
The BP reading is very high, but it's usually not an urgent case. Make sure you see a doctor and get an evaluation at your earliest convenience. Before taking medicine, make sure you take a low sodium diet.
It's super high, don't you have BP meds? Take them.
I would agree it's an emergency, there's a big gap between diastolic and systolic, this means the blood vessel is lack of elasticity due to Atherosclerosis. When the diastolic goes so high, there's a risk of blood vessel rupture.

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I'm having low blood pressure  85.over 50. Have had dizzy spells
Having blood pressure of 85 over 50. Having dizzy  spells.
That's lower than normal. Doctors advise to see a doctor when you have symptoms — which you do.