What Causes Groin Pain?

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Need to know why I have severe groin pain in my right side im.a female age 63
Dear Ms. Dabbs, Tens of diseases can cause groin pain, including fracture, joint inflammation,sciatica... The information you've provided is limited. We'll recommend you to visit your doctor, take physical exam and do some tests if necessary. In case it takes time, you may visit the online symptom checker, choose the symptoms that fit, and then you will be able to know what type of disease most matches your symptoms. http://healthtopquestions.com/symptom-checker-step-1/ All the best. HTQ
I’m in so much pain I can’t stand it I’m ready to cut my leg off and kill myself it’s so painful I can’t even mow I put it back on and I don’t know if that’s going to help her not but I am crying as I write this I need help really bad I live is a veto California and I’m going to be 65 it’s on the right side of it’s in the groin area and it goes all the way hurting to the back and the
I feel your pain. I'm sorry you r going thru this . You have a pinched nerve in your back. Get a MRI done of your lower back Many Blessings. Marcykay.
It may be the ligament or femur, recommend you to see an orthopedist.
did you know something as simple as low potassium  can cause this...i know because i am going through this right now. It can cause heart flutter, hip/groin pain,foot pain , back pain, leg pain , feeling off, etc......and i am only mildly low....my dr tested my electrolytes and it was 3.2 and he told me to start eating potassium foods so i started drinking low sodium v8, coconut water, baked potatoes, bananas, canteloupe, etc all things with high potassium and slowly it is getting better.....i also started taking slow mag avail at walmart as well and d3. what can cause this...elevated b12, or avoiding foods with potassium because of high carbs , too high d3, taking sulfur things like msm, etc....
How do I get relief?

Direct and indirect causes of groin pain can include:

  1. Avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue due to limited blood flow)
  2. Avulsion fracture (ligament or tendon pulled from the bone)
  3. Bursitis (joint inflammation)
  4. Epididymitis (testicle inflammation)
  5. Hydrocele (fluid buildup that causes swelling of the scrotum)
  6. Inguinal hernia
  7. Kidney stones
  8. Mumps
  9. Muscle strain
  10. Orchitis (inflamed testicle)
  11. Osteoarthritis (disease causing the breakdown of joints)
  12. Pinched nerve
  13. Piriformis syndrome
  14. Retractile testicle (testicle that moves between the scrotum and abdomen)
  15. Sciatica
  16. Scrotal masses
  17. Spermatocele (fluid buildup in the testicle)
  18. Sprains
  19. Stress fractures
  20. Swollen lymph nodes
  21. Tendinitis
  22. Testicular cancer
  23. Testicular torsion (twisted testicle)
  24. Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  25. Varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum)
After sitting it is very painful to straighten leg to stand up.  Once I’m up it no longer hurts
Do you feel pain when you raise your leg? Do you have pain when you walk a lot? You are suggested to do a spine MRI to exclude lumbar disc herniation first.
you definitely need to get your potassium checked  ( electrolytes) and your d3 , and b12....even a mild deficiency can cause terrible problems , pain etc.......my potassium dipped to 3.2 and all kinds of things started happening