Help - What do my symptoms mean?

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Testicles have now retraction , No swelling or distortion in muscles in front or in back. Pain in n=mid back down to each side of pelvis & in front. Bowel movements suddenly slowed yet were fine before. Seems to come & go . Not sure why parastasis is weakend. Rotation of my trunk left and right feels like muscles are knoted up and tight all along the spine. Pain is worse in the back area.
Hello Dan. It doesn't look like an infection. If there's something in the lower abdomen compressing the nerves/organs, symptoms can be similar to those you described. I'd recommend you to take a CAT scan.
Hello Dan. I can't tell what might have caused the symptoms, but the symptoms don't look right, I'll recommend you to get a CT scan.
pain on right side of head that has a dull sensation all day. gradually both sides of head hurt that radiates to the middle of head. sometimes it makes my ear on right side hurt, only it doesnt continue to hurt kinda comes and goes. never stays away . moving suddenly only makes it worse. on same side ive been having pain in my collar bone that goes down to the shoulder. feels like a burning sensation like something a scratch or something but nothing is there. i thought it may be sinus but ive never had my sinus headache or tension headache radiate to my collar bone. taking over counter meds helps some but not all together.
It sounds like neuralgia. We'd suggest you contact your doctor asap.
bad pain in both elbows when i try to fully open my arms..also dry cough and shortness of breath, whezzing, fatigue
I'll suggest to get your lung checked first, and see if your elbow pain relieves after your lung problem is treated.
My husband has been having discomfort in the area under the knee. He is having a difficult time placing pressure on his foot and it is very painful. What can he do.
Please consider having the knee joint checked, with a CT.
Four back surgeries, numerous, numerous, procedures, was able to walk, ride motorcycles, now can barely walk.entire surgical area and radius is very sore to the touch. Has been this way for few years now, increasingly painful to the touch. Panty hose, skirts, shorts, pants, anything that comes close to sitting within this area for any amount of time, practically totally immobilizes me. Practically leaves me laying down or sitting, slanted position, with legs elevated, in order to get a small amount of relief. There's something seriously wrong. No relief with ice or heat. Have tried every OTC pain reliever without receiving any kind of relief. I'm almost desperate not to live with this severe pain anymore. I've been told car tissue will not be painful. I've had pain to the touch of the surgical area since last surgery in 1998. It has only worsen over the years, has never subsided. The back pain is worse on the left when standing and especially when walking. I'm not able to walk much at all. My back pain when w
My symptoms are almost identical to yours and I completely understand what you're going though.I did see hope in your post though. I live in Georgia and I've had approximately 20 neurosurgeons after see my test results from years ago tel me there's nothing they can do to help me. I did see that you are possibly going to get to have yours corrected. Any help you could send my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to travel if could find a surgeon somewhere else willing to take my case. Than you and Congratulations that they have yours in the works. I'll be praying for you
I don't have diabetes but my hands and feet feel numb and tingly.
Numb and tingling hands and feet are usually caused by peripheral nerve disorders, people can have peripheral nerve disorders when they are never diabetic.
Upper center abdominal pain accompanied with nausea. Happens suddenly ,I feel hot prior to feeling nauseated. Nothing but lying down n hope to sleep is the only thing that makes me feel better
Better take a gastroscopy, especially if you wake up from sleep and find the pain disappears. If it comes back in few days you must go for a gastroscopy.
It might be infection, don't know viral or bacterial. You may be able to get better in 3 days, if no, go to ER. Please remember to keep yourself hydrated. It's important.
My other symptoms are intermittent fever, fleeting nausea, intermittent chills, extreme fatigue, severe bone pain in upper arm, a knot in my muscle in my upper arm, pain moves sometimes to halfway down shoulder blade and across the back of the neck.
Hello Ms. Williams, the recommendation is to get a CAT scan or MRI on your neck, your symptoms are all linked to nerves being compressed and that is linked to the cervical spine.
Pain is getting worse even after physical therapy and traction.
Where is the pain? Neck, back, arms? If the pain gets worse, at least one of them, PT and traction isn't working positively. You need to find which one.
Hello I have been experiencing heart palpitations with IHB and a BP of 99/55. A heart rate of 84 bpm. I stay tired constantly. Some noticeable SOB. I have been diagnosed in the past with a heart valve problem. Could this be something I should visit Dr. For again?
Hello Ms. Lozier, a heart valve problem can be complicated, the low BP and irregular heart beat may all originate from the valve disease, you'll need at least the Echocardiography to observe the condition of the valves. So it's necessary to see your cardiologist.