What Are the Early Signs of Men's Heart Attack ?

3 Answers

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Chest pain in the morning, right? My father had the chest pain around 6 to 7 in the morning, and it lasted for almost one week. He is healthy with good blood sugar and blood pressure. Does it matter?
It matters. Heart attack is more likely to strike in the morning, because the blood pressure rises quickly to get you ready for the day, and the blood is thicker. And morning heart attack is more severe. Of couse there can be other cause, e.g. acid reflux. But considering the severity of morning heart attack, I would recommend your father take a thorough checkup.
My friend's father had a heart attack, Dr. said it's a large area of infarction. That morning he felt stomach pain, he though he was hungry, and was trying to get some foods. My friend's mom didn't feel it right, took him to the ER, thank god.
My chest was hurting for about a week and my left arm kept going num also so what does that mean
We'd recommend you to check your heart and cervical spine. Please contact your local health provider for the exams.
i get exhausted quickly, I cough a lot and cough up mucus, and a month ago I had pain in my chest and left arm. Is this serious?