Causes of Upper Arm Muscle Pain

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My best friend has a history of back pain for many years. He also feels uncomfortable with his chest. Is it possible to be the heart disease?
Hello Joecy, Heart disease is one of the possible causes for back pain and chest pain. There're other causes, including problems with cervical spine and neurological problems. We would recommend your friend to have a checkup. However, you mentioned that the back pain has been many years. If it's a heart problem, when a person doesn't change his lifestyle, most likely the problem would have been much more serious over many years. If the discomfort with chest comes up recently, it could be heart problem. A checkup will be a start to find out. All the best. HTQ
My upper arm hurts so bad, it keeps me up at night and sometimes it causes me to have weakness when picking up things. What do I need to do. I take aleve but doesn't help to much
I'm having the same pain. Also in my wrist and hand. Is been getting worst and worst. My hand feels like it fell asleep to the point of intense pain. The arm in between shoulder and elbow is NOT as bad as my forarm. PLEASE HELP
I'm hurting serverly between my shoulder and elbow especially when I lay down at nite when I stand up or walk it stops please help
I have the same issue and can’t figure out what it is
Hi. You should visit an orthopedic surgeon and get a full physical examination & imaging tests to know the injury.
You’re experiencing Carpal tunnel syndrome, I’ve had it since 2002 and it’s 2019 from gripping, grabbing, lifting, pushing, pulling auto parts and if it’s already between your elbow and your shoulders  with the more you move your hands,  it’s going to be traveling up to the middle of your shoulder blades.  And if it gets to that point and you’re right handed,  well the more you move your hand your arm repetitively it will cause deformity in your neck, from upper extremity over usage, believe me I’ve been with my job going on 21 years and this is what I’m experienced since  2002,  already performing my job duties 5 years.
I have the exact same symptoms and was told by my orthopedic surgeon dr that I have a lipoma there, same place as yours! He exrayed my arm and saw it. My PC dr told me nothing can be done for it, except remove it surgically. He also said he was sorry for my pain but that's the extent of what could be done.
My comment from G was to luanne hill.
My left arm hurts around the triceps area. It hurts when I reach back. Its a very sharp stabbing pain. It only hurts when I reach back. What ate symptoms of a torn triceps muscle?
Hi, Alex, it is typical of bicipital muscle injury. You can go to an orthopedist for some advice. Usually, it is necessary to get MRI to clarify the severity of your injuries. Then based on your condition and symptoms, doctors will evaluate whether you need surgical treatment. Generally, you can take pain killers such as celecoxib to control your symptoms first.
My shoulder and arm hurts all the way to my elbow, I slipped in the shower and I was light headed
Have you seen a dr and got tested? You have sustained a trauma, with symptoms of musculoskeletal pain and lightheadedness. Did your head hit the ground? If yes, you must take it seriously and best get a head CT scan to rule out bleeding in the brain. The shoulder and elbow should also be examined by X-ray. If you do not wanna see a doctor, you can make a head bandage to stabilize the shoulder and the elbow. By stabilizing it, the musculoskeletal injury would heal progressively.
Both upper arms been hurting for 4 months now brought it up to my doctor he insisted me to stop working out much but I told him I only work out once a day 3 times out the week I know my body in something not right but He did insist that I'm on the borderline of having sugar 6.2 so I cut a lot of food out can it come from that.
Hello Shmil, the arm pain should be irrelevant to the blood sugar, but you're right in cutting certain foods to manage the blood glucose. The arm pain is likely related to nerves, as your doctor said, rest may help.
Upper arm pain both arms
I have been told that I have a torn rotator cuff and and herniated disc spur c6,c7 and I have taken Ibuofern 800mg, used the heating pad, 10 machine, and neck brace nothing helps. Do you know of an Orthopedic doctor in Cha I el Hill or Durham
Hello I being having too much muscle pain between my shoulder and elbow but the funny thing is that pain is mostly at nights wen i go to sleep , wen laying down on my back, or falling sleep , the pain wake me up ,so i have to put my arms up and under my head and pain goes away , or i have to set down in my bed to make the pain to stop, i really don't understand this kind of symptoms , i try alive, tylenol but nothing do my pain If someone knows what do i need to do please let me know Thank you Fernando
We'd recommend you to have your cervical spine checked up.
I had similar symptoms and after a cordisone shot and then an MRI, it was a massive rotator cuff tear of three of the four tendons. I would ask a orthopedic for an Mri
I am going through the same what is it?
I have the same symptoms and pain. It’s worse at night and when trying to sleep. During the day I don’t feel it as much  only when I reach to pick something up or extend my arm too far. Mostly on the right side. But it also affects my left.  Aleve, Tylenol or anything over the counter doesn’t help. At first I thought it was the chemicals from gel nails, S and S and chrome nail polish. So I stopped getting those. I was almost positive that was it. But it returned with a vengeance.  Went to the dr no confirmed diagnosis.
Hi, Lynn, sorry to hear that. What dr have you seen? Did you do any tests?
Do you have any positive tests? Are the inflammatory markers such as ESR and CRP high? And do you have a MRI of your arm? If nothing is positive, one disorder you might have to consider is fibromyalgia. You can go to see a rheumatologist.
I'm having the same pain. Also in my wrist and hand. Is been getting worst and worst. My hand feels like it fell asleep to the point of intense pain. The arm in between shoulder and elbow is NOT as bad as my forarm. PLEASE HELP
I am having same pain in my hand. Feels like it's asleep to the point of pain. My right hand. Also my top lip is numb. I don't know what type of doctor to go to.
We'll recommend you to check your cervical spine.
Rabdomyalitis occurred after being unconscious from some sort of siesure for four days in Sept.'17. My legs are 80% back to normal, but my upper arms and across my shoulders are still constantly sore. Any clue, other than "it just takes time"?
You may discuss with your doctor about physical therapy.
I've had epilepsy all my life, even tho well controlled. The pain you mention is most likely from the awful thrashing we do while in a grand mall spell. We can hit any part of our body on hard things. The arms and legs most vulnerable.. It takes days if not weeks for the body aches and tiredness, plus other problems to go away. Hope this helps.
I have right shoulder pain at night, can’t sleep. It goes away while sitting, but my arm has become weaker it seems.
It could be muscle or nerve, especially cervical spine.
i have pain all the time daynight in both armes,,
Do you feel it like muscle pain or bone pain?
i ice all the time 3 times a day still hurts alote,
Do you mean you tried to relieve the pain with ice cooling? If so, then try the opposite, heat your arms, see if getting better.