Common symptoms for heart disease

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The symptoms here are so similar to the heart attack symptoms. How to differentiate them?
They're quite different actually. However, anyone feeling discomfortable with their heart should go to ER and get ECG first. ECG can differetiate AFib and heart attack accurately.
Afib doesn't usually cause chest pain or arm pain. A typical heart attack causes chest pain, shoulder arm or jaw pain.
There are some classic symptoms of heart problems. These are dyspnea (difficult respiration), chest pain, syncope (spontaneous loss of consciousness), palpitations, edema, cyanosis and fatigue. There is a definite reason behind all these symptoms of heart problem. When there is an altered heart function, dyspnea occurs.Similarly, when the heart beats at the rate higher than 100 beats/minute, palpitation is felt. Heart rhythm disturbances and abnormalities in the veins of lower extremities give rise to syncope and edema respectively. Any defect in the heart surely causes pulmonary insufficiency and sleep deprivation. Deficiency of oxygen in the body results in cyanosis and lack of sleep leads to fatigue.These are only some of the commonly observed heart problem symptoms . The list of discomfort is quite long and is often characteristic to a particular heart disease.
Afib yes, it can kill you by wearing your heart out from racing. My daughter has afib. Has had 2 ablations. Born with extra electrodes.
Me too. I was born with extra electrodes. My Dr. said it's Supraventricular tachycardia. I had two ablations, 2001 and 2005. In 2001 when I first showed the symptom, I had crazy fast heart rate.