What Are Pre-Heart Attack Symptoms?

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Why the pre-heart attack symptoms could be different in women?
Different hormones
Hi My name is Raegan I just turned 43 I've have panic attacks its like a feeling of doom tingling in arms and legs over the last month it so I've had my chest get super tight and I've taken hit showers breathing steam and it opened up lately I've had pain in my upper left chest area not bad pain but a discomfort I've dealt with bad heart burn alot and there s times I can eat maybe I'm eating fast but air is traped but I can't swallow and everything comes up forcefully I've also during chest being tight noticed my lungs seemed like if I were swimming in a chlorinated pool so they hurt a little and same time the pain in my upper left chest like around the armpit but the top of my breast i feel bloated alot in my stomach area and I'm out of breath sometimes and I'm fatigued at times is there any answers I know it's alot but i think. I put my self in panic always worrying about dieing if a heart attack or having to go through another panic attacks can you help me please
Your symptoms are very typical of panic attack. Fortunately, panic disorder is a treatable condition. You should see a doctor to help you with treatment. Psychotherapy and medications have both been used, either singly or in combination, for successful treatment of panic disorder. If medication is necessary, your doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety medications, certain antidepressants or sometimes certain anticonvulsant drugs that also have anti-anxiety properties, or a class of heart medications known as beta-blockers to help prevent or control the episodes in panic disorder.
Symptoms of a heart attack.
I feel like a case of intergestion right under my sternum.
Possible causes are gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, angina, GERD etc. You can take care and be alert to when this happens and what conditions may induce your discomfort. Then, you can avoid these factors.
Not sure if it is heart has pain in left arm and chest but when she takes a Rolaid and chamomile tea starts to burp feeling goes away has this on and off 6 months .she is 94 .
At this age, better be careful.
Ive woken up 2x with heart burn and once with a pain in my throat should I be worried?
It's acid reflux, it happens to many people. When you have a reflux you may drink some pure water. Acid reflux is usually linked with a GI problem so better you see a GI expert.
If you say heart burn, it's more like acid reflux, heart pain is more like pressing or squeezing.
I've been feeling nauseous for a couple of days. My left arm hurts so bad that my fingers tingle. What should I do
This sounds like a neck problem, a neck problem can lead to nausea, arm pain and tingling fingers. You'd better take a CT scan on the cervical spine, but before you get the scan, warm pad may help relieve a bit of your discomfort. Keep the area warm, so the blood vessels enlarge, more blood can pass through, your brain and muscle can get more blood.
The center of my chest hurts like its spasms. It takes my breath. Only last for about 5/10 minutes at a time. What can it be and it makes me feel terrible for a while.
Like spasm.
It's stomach,see a GI doctor.
severe pain radiating down left arm also pain in back of left shoulder plus nausea started suddenly
Likely heart attack, go to ER.
Hello, I am an a fib patient since I was a teen, at 45, I have had one cardiac incident and April 2017 , which left me in heart failure. I’ve been able to manage the extreme fatigue inability to be active for long periods of time , Extreme lack of self-care, eating,resulting in weight loss, followed by isolation and depression. I recently tried to make a mental decision to get my life back one small activity at time and thought I was On my way to at least enjoying life again. But unfortunately, I had another cardiac incident of some kind, just like the first, on October 10. And while I still kept my head held high, that I wanted to live, that I was still going to fight, I had a textbook heart attack last Sat 11/30. ,While I wondered if the first two incidents were typical attacks, now I know they were not . Did sharp cramp like pain and numb sensation in your chest then to your left arm and your neck then tight arm head eyes , make it impossible not to grab an stroke try to relieve the pain as you sweat pro
I think I understand part of your feelings, I had my first heart surgery at 21, the second one at 25. After that I had about 5-6 years of depression and anxiety. But I walked out and I'm fine now. I want to encourage you, since there's nothing to dream about, the decision making becomes easy. To die on the bed, or to die standing up. I would have chosen standing up, if it's death anyway in front of me. One thing at a time, try to get up. Think about the second thing when you get up.
I have been having chest pains and some weird feelings in my neck.  It started a month ago around the same time my husband died.  Does this sound like heart attack issues or more anxiety? I dont want to leave my 3 kids parentless but i have no health insurance right now. So im hoping its just anxiety but i dont know
.I been hurting since last night left arm above my breast sometimes it feels like a knife going through me could that be anxious
Any trauma or weight lifting to the shoulder? It none, it could probably be a heart attack. Go to the ER and have an ECG test to see whether it is a heart attack.
It might be acute coronary syndrome. Acute coronary syndrome is a medical emergency. Chest pain or discomfort can be a sign of any number of serious, life-threatening conditions. Get emergency help for a prompt diagnosis and appropriate care. Do not drive yourself to the hospital.

The signs and symptoms of acute coronary syndrome usually begin abruptly. They include:
Chest pain (angina) or discomfort, often described as aching, pressure, tightness or burning
Pain spreading from the chest to the shoulders, arms, upper abdomen, back, neck or jaw
Nausea or vomiting
Shortness of breath (dyspnea)
Sudden, heavy sweating (diaphoresis)
Lightheadedness, dizziness or fainting
Unusual or unexplained fatigue
Feeling restless or apprehensive

Chest pain or discomfort is the most common symptom. However, signs and symptoms may vary significantly depending on your age, sex and other medical conditions. You're more likely to have signs and symptoms without chest pain or discomfort if you're a woman, older adult or have diabetes.
Hello, I've had dry mouth, back & stomach pain, very tired (weak) sharp pain on the top left side of my head, hot & cold flashes. Blurred vision for  a week.
Hi Cynthia. Your symptoms are consistent with sjogren syndrome, although SLE and other systemic rheumatologic diseases are also very likely. I think you should see a rheumatologist for a complete evaluation and treatment.
my chest hurts under left side everything is fine but that
Chest pains can be a sign of heart problems. Please see a doctor ASAP.
Do you have a feeling of anxiety? Do you feel out of breath? Is the pain like squeezing, pressing or stabbing? These are common symptoms of a heart attack.
Hi, jen, may I ask about your age? Do you have hypertension or diabetes? Do you smoke? Do you have a family history of heart attack? Risks of heart problems are increased if the answers to these questions are all yes. If you are concerned, do check out at the hospital next time you experience chest pain.
What r the symptoms of a heart attack