What Are Kidney Cyst Symptoms Like?

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I have a kidney cyst on my left side, it is not that large, what good treatment do use for it
Hello, at this stage no treatment is needed for the kidney cyst, just keep following up with your doctor every half year.
I was told celery juice can make your cyst grow. Is this accurate?
It's unknow what causes kidney cyst or stimulates its growth, the only known factors are gender and age. It's more common in men and aged people. Whoever says celery juice makes kidney cyst grow, there's no supporting.
I have cysts on both kidneys recently I've been having severe pain in upper abdomen could this be my cysts also very constipated
Small kidney cysts don't cause pain, but large ones do cause pain. What is the size of your cysts?
2.8cms x 2.4cms
2.8cms x 2.4cms off superior lateral pole rt. kidney
If it causes no symptoms, no need to worry. Most often the cysts are simple kidney cysts that go away on its own; treatment is needed only when it results in symptoms.
A healy adult's kidney is 10-12 cm in length, 5-6 cm in width and 3-4 cm in thickness. A cyst bigger than 4 cm is considered too big, some may say it's 3 cm. The key is when the cyst goes beyond this size, it leads to back pain, infection, hematuria(blood urine), and the kidney function impairment may occur. This is the moment a doctor has to deal with the cyst.
I have severe pain on both right and left sides I have really bad pain in my upper abdomen I'm also very bloated and I have constipation and lately I've had problems with urination.
I am experiencing the same symptoms. I have just had a c T that revealed a cyst that has grown since May from 5.9 to6.3I asked God to reveal the pain I was experiencing. And he has. I am going to see an Urologist 10/12/2018 agree with me I am healed in Jesus name. And so are all who can believe. I pray all who are going through will look to the hills where our help comes from. Understand we really are the same black ,white, brown ,tan and Are all being made well.So be encouraged my sister's and brothers, we are praying for you and your families.
It doesn't sound like a problem by kidney cyst, but it is serious. You should get medical support at your earliest convenience.
Amen I believe and I decree that the God of possibility will do it for you .God bless you and increase your faith  heal you from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet Amen.
Praise God yes we do have to claim our healing.  Because we all have our own cross to bare. Just remember that God sees and he care about us his children.  We have to believe in him and trust what he said in his word that he would never leave us or forsaking us. My son just found out he had cyst on his kidney he really never had any problem but, but I'm going believe God going heal him.  Have a great day in spite of go with God let him lead the way today.  Amen
What causes cyst on kidney?
Hello Ms. Rollins, The cause of kidney cysts is not well understood, there're a few theories but none of them is widely accepted. All the best. HTQ
What causes cysts on the kidney(s)?
I found out that I have cyst on both of my kidneys. When I pee it itches. What do you do for that?
Small kidney cyst doesn't cause any pain, when you feel pain, either the cyst is big or the pain is caused by others like kidney stone. In both situation, you'll need to see a doctor. An ultrasound will explain everything.
I just found out my cyst is 15.8 8mm. I have had a large lump on my side. It hurts to sleep on that side
I just found last night I have three cysts on on kidney. One the size of golf ball? What did your physician recommend you do ? I have yet scheduled a follow up appointment yet as the hospital
They say unless your experiencing pain it's normal after 50 yrs of age.
Do you have any symptoms, such as flank pain, blood in the urine? If no, you can monitor these cysts by repeating an ultrasound scan every a few years. If you do have symptoms, then, laparoscopic cyst removal can be considered.
I was recently told that I have a small cyst on my right kidney, they said they will watch it, this site is the first I’ve learned of symptoms and signs, how do they watch it?
If you start having pain let your primary doctor know. I’ve had mine 4 years just started getting painful a few weeks ago. She sending me for another cat scan and blood work
By regular check-up including ultrasound.
Is 2.5 CM considered big I was just told I have a mass that size and it could be renal cell carcinoma
I'm sorry to say that 2.5 cm diameter is not a small one. Yet the severity of a tumor isn't all about size.
If it's renal cell carcinoma, you've got to have it removed.
I have a cyst on my left kidney Thus far no pain My doctor has sent info to my insurance so I can see a specialist, but they denied it. Is there anything to ve alarmed about?
Not an expert on insurance. Regarding cyst in kidney, what is the size?
I have a kidney cyst but my primary dr doesn’t seem concerned. Didn’t say if they will watch or check it etc. should I be concerned. I have fluid buildup in stomach ecstates.
If you just found out. Get an abdominal cat scan to see if its rapidly growing or just a simple cyst. Id say watch for blood pressure being high continuing, fever, sever pain and if you pee frequently. Make sure the take a urine test for no infection. If no infection. You should be good but as the patient stay on it if there is lots of pain. The medical field has changed. Dr.s are not charting or missing so things and as patients we want to catch it early
Kidney cyst in small size isn't a big problem, just watch it by taking ultrasound every 12 months.