What Are Kidney Cyst Symptoms Like?

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Every time I have an ultrasound for my liver I am told about a large cyst on my right kidney. Also an MRI was done on my back several years back that showed the cyst! The last liver ultrasound was done April 12 th of this year and my Gastrointestinaloligist called a urologist to make me an appointment! Haven’t heard from them though.
It's likely that the cyst has grown into a bigger size, and may need medical assistance. Small kidney cysts are harmless so no treatment is necessary. When the cysts grow to a certain size, treatment will be necessary.
My right kidney had a fat growth inside.  Started at the bottom of kidney up.  My urologist monitored it for several years.  Then it went to almost occupy the whole kidney.  He had removed the right kidney.  While the left kidney has the same fat growth and again being monitored by the doctor.  If this grows like the other one, then they will again remove it and nothing left.  I will end up in dialysis if this happens but does not like that option.  Hope there is a treatment before it goes there.  Scared...
Based on your description, angiomyolipoma is the most likely cause. It's a benign tumor in the majority of cases. It is frequently managed by watchful waiting. However, if it grows relentlessly, surgical removal of the tumor is recommended. You need to confirm/exclude this with the help of your doctor.
What is a COMPLEX kidney cyst??
A complex kidney cyst is a cyst plus bleeding and calcification, it could be malignant.
Most people with kidney cyst don't know they have it until observed in a physical exam, because there's no symptom at all.

they told me I have a mass over my kidney and liver. Will it go away and what can I take natural suppliments to help cleanse it

It is a mass? It should be a concern. Generally it won't go away on its own. Masses can be broadly classified into benign mass and malignant mass (aka cancer). You should tell your doctor about this and do additional tests to determine whether it is benign or malignant. If it is malignant, then surgery may be needed. Natural supplements won't help in this scenario.
My name is Liane I'm 87yrs.old and was told today there were cysts (2 on one kidney and 1 on the other) what are the treatment options i have not seen my dr.yet
May I ask do you have any symptoms? How big are the cysts? Most likely you do not need any treatment.