Causes of Arm Muscle Pain

2 Answers

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I have bee diagnosed with osteoarthritis. A long time now. This morning I woke up with bad muscle pain from my shoulders to my elbows. Both arms. Worse on left side. I never had this particular problem. I need some advice. I am seeing my primary in a week.
I would go to ER if I were you. As long as I have anything related to heart attack I go to ER.
A heart attack? The symptom is somehow atypical. A nerve problem, it's also possible. Do you feel relieved in like 5 minutes, or is the pain all day long?
Did you ever find out what this was and treatment. That sounds exactly what I have. Aching in my right arm, but way worse in the left from the shoulder down to the elbow.
What can you take for severe pain?
I'm having excruciating pain in the lower forearm supinator muscle what can I do for the pain
The first step is to find out the cause. Is there anything you can think of that might cause the pain?