What Is the Life Expectancy of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?

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I wonder if I can expect longer life expectancy as technology improves and more medical advances accomplished?
I am a non practicing registered nurse, with experience with cancer treatment, but little experience with lymphoma. I was told I had only a few days to live if I did not receive treatment and my life might be extended eighteen months if I underwent a very aggressive chemo and radiation regimen. I determined I did not want to live longer, I hoped to live better and I simply refused. However, I have survived stage 4 lymphoma for ten years in October. Having seen the results of chemo and radiation, I refused chemo and radiation and after choosing to treat my disease with natural means, I refused the MRI's, x-rays, and CT's persistently recommended by physicians. I went on a raw vegan diet for around a year and have taken the native remedy, Essiac since soon after my diagnosis. I have no idea why I am still alive. I believe God decides the time we are born and when we die and try to leave it to Him. I go on and off the raw vegan diet and avoided sugar entirely until just recently when I have craved sugar and went