Best Natural Supplement Lowering Cholesterol

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With breastfeeding how do i manage hi cholesterol
Do it come down naturally? My Dr. said pregnant women all have problem with fat metabolism, after delivery, it's going back to normal. Did you get a high cholesterol since pregnancy?
Go to gym, like Yanita. This is the best natrual way.
Breastfeeding itself is a good way, if you manage a balanced diet, the fat will go into your breast milk. Baby needs fat and cholesterol to grow their organs and brain, that's a natural process that pregnant women metabolize fat much more slowly than a un-pregnant person, and when you breastfeed the baby, the fat stored in your body goes into your milk, so that your baby can get the nutrition.
Is nature's truth vitamin request rice a good source for lowering my cholesterol or do I need a certain kind of of red yeast rice "extract"??? Thanks
If you don't have a cholesterol problem right now, just want to prevent it, then healthy diet is the key, supplement is less prioritized. If you already have a high cholesterol, a combination of healthy diet and certain supplement is recommended. If you can do healthy diet + daily exercises, then forget about supplement.
p.s. I like black rice a lot :)