Protein Urine — Is It Severe?

2 Answers

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My husband's doctor said he has too much protein in his urine is this treatable
Hi Mrs. Ashley, both chronic and acute kidney disease can cause protein in urine. Acute kidney disease is possible to be cured, chronic kidney disease can't be cured, but can be treated. The following steps are: knowing the cause of the urine protein, find the underlying disease and treat it, make treatment plan and diet plan for the kidney disease to slow down progression.
What are the treatments for protein in urine
Hello, protein in urine is often associated with kidney disease, chronic kidney disease can be caused by infection, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The treatment is more on the underlying problem, if it's diabetes, treat the high blood sugar problem. If it's high blood pressure, take BP meds. Anyway a low protein diet is always helpful.