Top 9 High Cholesterol Foods

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My cholesterol increased from 189 to 220. I had the flu and took tamiflu and had an infection in a tooth and took penicillin 5. Would these two meds have any effect on my cholesterol?
Hello, Possibly yes. Recommend you to have a blood test for liver function. All the best. HTQ
Yeah I am a 59 year old Female I just lost 30 pounds in 3 month Went to the doctors office for a checkup was excited thinking my cholesterol Would be much better but no I am down to 162 pounds and it was 262 I was actually really upset I walk 4 miles almost every day go to the gym if I can't walk on our green way Don't eat a lot of fried foods don't smoke or drink
Hi, does any of your family member have a cholesterol problem? Cause it sounds like a genetic or familial hyperlipidemia? Keep doing what you've been doing, exercise can do no harm , the benefits accumulate. You may consider taking statin, has your doctor discuss with you about taking statin?
My doctor informed me that I had high cholesterol and I would like to know what to eat and what not. Last time the doctor mentioned some foods to me and candy was one that I eat a lot. I also eat salmon a lot. Iam on cholesterol pils now This page contains a list of food with high fiber and low calories low cholesterol.
High cholesterol runs in my family. All siblings are either on a statin drug or zetia. I am allergic to "all" statins. I took Crestor x 3 months and wound up in the emergency room with chest pain, shortmess of breath and feeling faint. The discharge summary read DX Rhabdomyolisis secondary to taking the statin drug Crestor. I have blood every six months (lipid profile) and for the past 15 + years my cholesterol is just below 300. My cardiologist ordered a CAC test and the resulting number was 502. He wants to place me on the latest biological drug Repatha which I am putting off until I see where my numbers are next month when I go for a repeat Lipid. For the past three months I have not eaten fried foods, (absolutely no fast food), no ice cream, no butter, no cheese, increased my water intake, I haven't eaten any eggs (except for the amount in Mayo), no sugar, i.e., candy, sweet desserts, etc. I also purchased a treadmill on which I walk 15 minutes/day. I've lost about 8 pounds thus far, not that it was my in
Wish you luck, Jean! I think you did great managing this.
my husband has a dangerously high cholesterol count. he's doing this KETO diet but I'm not sure this is the way to go. anyone have any suggestions?
I dropped my cholesterol level by 60 points in 6 months. I made vegetable juice, exercised every day, salad with salmon or chicken and drank lots of water. I refused to take cholesterol med. my cholesterol was 270 and it dropped to 260. You have to sacrifice a lot and willing to do it.
Is he on Statins treatment? If he has a dangerously high cholesterol count, he should take drugs, together with diet and physical exercises.
Fast foods


Fatty meat

Canned shrimp


Egg yolk

Whipped cream