What Are Tongue Cancer Symptoms?

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So what's the differences between sore and tongue cancer?
My tongue has been sore for months now and I am getting to the place where food is getting hard to chew.Some foods I can't eat anymore because it burns my tongue so bad.What can I do?
I have the same problem and I feel for u .i know how bad it hurts
You guys need to treat it with medication. Have you tried the mouth wash? If the wash doesn't work, use the canker cover which is the patch you can stick to the ulcer. In a couple of days the ulcer will recover. Avoid added-sugar during treatment, including desserts and soft drinks, and drink green tea also helps. If an oral ulcer can't heal for months, it might become cancerous.
What patch?
Canker cover.
Where can you buy that
Walgreens, Amazon or retailers like Walmart.
Symptoms include the following

Persistent sore in the tongue

Tongue pain

Sore throat

Changes in voice

Difficulty in swallowing and chewing

Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue

A lump formation inside the mouth

Red or white patch on the tongue and gums
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