Is my blood creatinine normal?

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What's a normal range?
Hello. The normal range for creatinine in the blood may be 0.84 to 1.21 milligrams per deciliter (74.3 to 107 micromoles per liter), although this can vary from lab to lab, between men and women, and by age.
My creatinin is currently at 0.59, I have lupus nephritis, is that at somewhat a normal range for me, including so I am 19 years of age.
Hello Dora, the creatinine level is normal.
Tengo un nivel de 19.9h en creatina ratio no entiendo que significa esto. Podría orientarme
Hello. What is the measurement unit? If it's 19.9 mmol/l, it's normal. If it's 19.9 mg/dl, it's very high and you should get support from a Urologist immediately, it means damaged kidney function.
My creatinine level in my urine came back 20 mg is this something to be very concerned about as far as my kidneys go
Im a transplant reciepeant of 8 years,,my creatine is running at 2.1,,give me a run down on my single kidney
Hello, I assume the creatinine value is 2.1 mg/dl, it's higher than normal range, but considering the transplant it's not that bad, controllable. What you need to do is to strictly follow your doctor's guide, and stay positive.
My sister creatinine level 4.1
Kidney damage, keep following with the Dr. there should be other tests to tell the stage of CKD. Then your sister will need a treatment plan and a diet plan.