What Are the Warning Signs Before a Heart Attack?

21 Answers

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I’m a 53 year old woman. Several hours ago I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat throughout my body. It was intense and lasted about 15 minutes. Shortly afterward, I began having intermittent pressure in my chest. It lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each time. A few times it radiated to my back, creating a lot of intense pain. Could it be heart-related?
Hello, it's very likely heart related, please go to hospital.
I have had chest pain directly in the center of my chest for months now. It only happens and wakes me in early am hours, only lasts a few minutes, and is relieved when sitting up and taking deep breaths.
Hello, I'm thinking of reflux esophagitis, I'll recommend you to take an examination.
I've been having pain in my left hand and shoulder but not so much my arm. Some dull pain in the center of my chest. Felt full all day and couldn't eat. Could this be just heartburn? Some discomfort between my stomach and chest
Hello, I'll recommend you to visit your doctor and take some examinations.
I’ve been having chest pains only on left side on and off for 4-6 weeks. It’s like an intense pins and needles sensation. It always comes on with stress, but has been coming on even without stressful events lately. Have had it since last evening. I don’t seem to have other symptoms, but I have so much other pain from Fibromyalgia and a fused back that didn’t heal correctly it’s hard to determine for sure.
Doesn't sound like a heart problem...
I’ve been having pressure on left side of heart for couple days and coughing but nothing comes up what does it sound like
Hi Donna, there're a few possibilities. Pneumonia, or heart problem, or pulmonary hypertension, treatment is necessary for each of these mentioned.
Today I had pain in my chest and in my neck in my throat area. It was was painful and I took deep breaths to get thru the pain. It lasted five minutes or so the retired and lasted about anther five minutes then symptoms stopped. Could it have been my heart.?
Hello Linda, the chest, neck and throat pain, the duration of each episode, all match with heart attack. You should go to ER.
I’m 62 don’t have high blood pressure. Had been kayaking for 6 hours on a very large lake in Canada.thatnght I had pain in my whole right hand up to shoulder. It hurt so bad I almost cried. I raised it up and payed it on pillow. It was throbbing.. I took 4 Advil .. it finally passed after about10-15 minutes. It sure wasn’t the reg sore muscle feeling. It radiated. Kind of scared me..
Hi Terry, pain pills, like Advil can't relieve angina, in fact, taking pain pills worsens angina. In your case, if the pain finally passed because the Advil started to take effect, then it wasn't an Angina.
I don't know about that because early today I had chest pain related to angina and I took three baby Bayer aspirin and it stop the pain. Valerie, 57
The information isn't enough. Better get checked by a cardiologist.
thats because aspirin and advil are 2 different animals. Aspirin is used to treat haert attacks at onset, they have a blood thinning effect and should relieve angina. Advil is an anti inflammatory but does not work foe heart related injury
Friday my blood pressure was 150/100 ...this is my first time ever having this reading.But I did eat those cup of noodles for three days in a row..pretty salty..I am stressed and perri menopausal I also have anemia..Today i woke fine but just now the middle of my chest was hurting....what are my next moves?
Go see a Dr. , it's the heart, can't be wrong to be careful.
I had 3 stints put in around 3 years ago and now I'm getting these pressure pains in the middle chest area and it feels like a quick stab and I kinda lose my breath for a seconds and then it's gone but today I have pain and pressure that is constant. I'm worried. Should I be. PS. I have severe gurd also.
The pressure caused by GERD can't be constant, I think you need to go to hospital.