Blood Pressure Chart By Age

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I just took my reading, finding it 142/73/71. Age: 70. Finding much dizziness during the day? Help me understand what these readings tell me...TY
Hello, the blood pressure value is ok, there're a few causes to dizziness, it takes some tests and examinations to find out the cause of dizziness.
Just checked my #’s
I’m 47, 5’11’, 180lbs
I just this somewhat ok?
BP is normal, as a bonus track your BMI is 25.1, you know a non overweight BMI is below 24.99, you're so so close. Try to lose a few pounds, man!
Just check my blood pressure I'm a beast black man age 59 my blood pressure a little while ago was 180/24
Your blood pressure is not very good. Your systolic pressure is very high, while your diastolic pressure is very low. Normal systolic blood pressure is between 90 and 139, and diastolic blood pressure is between 60 and 89. If you don't have dizziness, chest tightness, etc., you don't have to worry too much. You can rest for 10 minutes and then take your blood pressure again. Also, you can improve your lifestyle to adjust your blood pressure by eating a low-salt diet, stopping smoking and restricting alcohol, and exercising moderately. If your blood pressure remains high, you should use some antihypertensive drugs which should be administered under the direction of a cardiologist.
I am 61 female and my BP was 138/71/61. Should I see the doc? Thank u.
Hello Mariana, 138/71 is a good reading, no worry. Keep diet healthy and do some exercises every day, stay happy.
My blood pressure is 118/79. Is that good for 78 years old
Perfect, man....keep on truckin!
I am 81 year old woman blood pressure 104/54
The bottom number is low.
I just took my blood pressure and it was 119/66 I’m 36 years old female
Angela's blood pressure is good.
I am Ralph johnson my blood presure was 118/78 i am 71 with a pacemaker what is my normal blood presure level
Hi Mr. Johnson, normal BP is 90/60 - 140/90, your reading 118/78 is pretty good.
Your blood pressure is pretty normal. Wearing a peacemaker does not make you have a different blood pressure reference range with ordinary individuals, which is 100-120/60-80mmHg.
@Craig Singer - No, wearing a "Peace Maker" just makes you well armed. :P (couldn't resist picking at your little mistake)
That's excellent . I hope when I m 78 my blood pressure is 119/79
i am 78years old and 187 pounds my blood pressurer is 110 -60 heart 70
Your blood pressure and heart rate are normal. Normal blood pressure is between 90/60 and 140/90 mmHg. And normal heart rate is between 60 and 90 bpm. So you don't have to worry.
My numbers are 158/90/82
I'm 60 and my pressure today 107 over 62 with 57 pulse.
Hello Doug, both the BP reading and pulse are normal.
my blood pressure today was 133/72 I am 80 years old ...Is this an O K reading????
Hello Deanna, 133/72 is a good reading, even for people much younger. At your age, this BP reading is very good.
is 133/73  bad for 63 women
Hello Ms. Fulp, 133/73 is not bad at all, it's normal and good.
I am 77 and somewhat active. My BP a few minutes ago was 128/62 and pulse was 67. Is this normal for my age. I am on meds for my BP.
128/62 is a good reading, my mom also takes BP meds, she usually has around 135/80, recently her primary doctor gave her new med. Now her reading is around 129/71, doctor said it's good.
Hello. Am 45y ears old and my BP tonight is 144/99. Should i worry?
Hello, at your age, 144/99 is high blood pressure, I'd recommend you to see a doctor and get treatment. You may also need to change your lifestyle a bit.
My husband is 85 and his BP last night was 96/54. Is that too low for him?
Hello Lila, is he on any medication? Does he have any symptom like dizziness, fainting? If no, you may try to let him drink more water, take more sodium in, and do some exercise.
IAM 54 male blood pressure was 146/90 my weight is 300 should I be worried
Hello Wayne, the blood pressure is at the borderline but still acceptable. In your case, losing weight will help a lot in controlling the blood pressure. Try a healthy diet and do more exercises.
79 years of age. 173/80 lupus patient. I am on meds plus cellcept for my kidney. Why all the sudden a spike
Hello Rena, kidney function and blood pressure are related, kidney can influence blood pressure. You might need to watch out on the BP readings, if it keeps high you should let your doctor know.
I am 75 year old lady, my BP while dong chores is usually 117/72, pulse 82. but at night while just sitting it goes to 162/87 pulse 70, should I be concern?
162/87 is high, you'll need medication. Blood pressure goes up and down during a day, even if you only have high reading at night, you'll need medication.