Blood Pressure Chart By Age

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49 y.o. blk female with reading of 150/100. I am currently on bp meds. Should i be concerned? Also have migraines which spikes my bp.
Please let your primary doctor know, he/she needs to adjust BP medicine for you.
I am 55 my blood pressure is 70\50 is that to low.. I'm dizzy and lightheaded..
Hello, 70/50 is too low, you need to see your doctor. Before you get support from your doctor, an easy way is to drink some salt water, or salty soup to increase sodium intake. This may help to raise your blood pressure a bit and may make you feel less dizzy.
I'm 21 male, around 15 lbs overweight my blood pressure. Is 140/74 pulls 69.. I'v been having some headaches
Hi, the blood pressure is a bit high, especially for your age. The headache can be associated with the blood pressure.
I am a healthy 91+ year old lady...I am in good alone with cat and dog In Georgia...I just took my BP and became alarmed because it was 104/75....Pulse 67?
Unless you feel something abnormal, the BP and pulse looks great. Just do it...
My BP is 162/75 with heart rate @89 is this ok
The BP is high, pulse is within normal range but not ideal. Suggestion is to see a doctor, get an evaluation and take BP meds. When the BP comes down, the heart rate will drop as well, so that you'll feel much more comfortable.
I'm 49 and in 8 months will be 50. Now and then my blood pressure drops, I get dizzy, loss my balance I have soft bm's to diarrhea. I drink a lot of water and eat heathly but usely only eat 2 meals a day. When I do at even if it is a sandwich my stomach feels upset, so I take Kaopata. I do take a water pill medication, but the dosage is really low. Can having 102/63 a lot be dangerous to my my health. Can you email my answer to me please
Hi Mrs. Quinn, 102/63 is a normal BP reading, it shouldn't get you dizzy. You seems not eating much, is it possible when you feel dizzy your blood sugar is low?
102/63 is not a bad BP reading. According to your description, I'd suggest you stop taking all the medication, eat normal diet for a week and see if symptoms get improved.
My wife BP is 165/106 is that a sign of hypertension? What can we do?
It is hypertension. Suggestion is to see a doctor, get an evaluation and start to take BP meds.
I am a 41 year old female. I just took my blood pressure at the pharmacy and it is 134/94 pulse 107. How accurate are those machines? Should I be worried?
You may rest for half an hour and re-test it. If it's still high than normal, we'd recommend you to consult your doctor. High blood pressure can be controlled with medication and healthy lifestyle. As long as your doctor confirms it, he/she will give you advice on how to manage it.
I should also add my heart has been racing and a headache.
Same here. My heart always beats so fast, but all the tests are negative, it just keeps beating fast. Dr. gave me Betaloc, it worked, although made me a bit sleepy. Dr. asked me to walk more each day. I'm 58.
I am a 59 yr old female on bp meds. I have lost 60 lbs in the last year. I haven’t been feeling good for 2 plusvweeks. Today I felt like my bp was high so I checked it. It was 112/71 should I continue to take my meds or stop until I can call my doc on Monday?
112/71 is a good BP reading, yes you need to keep taking the BP meds. Your heart is racing, the BP is normal, it's good to call your doctor. The question is what causes your heart racing. How did you lose 60 lbs in a year? Did you work hard for it? Or it simply goes naturally?