Blood Pressure Chart By Age

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My mom is 79 and her blood pressure is 188/83 she is taking aldopine blood pressure medication. Is that bad?
Hi, 188/83 is a high BP reading, better re-evaluate, I think your mom needs more BP medecine, adding another one or raise the daily dose.
I am a 71 yr old female whose BP at 11am was 163/77, Pulse 96. Two hours later after BP medication, it dropped To 124/62, pulse 113. I feel dizzy and weak and somewhat nauseous. Any worries?
Are you on BP meds regularly? Twice a day every day? The BP drops after the meds took effect, if you didn't take the meds regularly, then do so. If you did take the meds regularly, then it's neccessary to adjust the timing of taking meds. Better discuss with your primary doctor. The pulse was a bit high, see if it comes back to normal after you adjust the BP meds taking.
My BP has, over the last 10 years, gone from 130 / 80 to 120/78, and my best controller has been keeping excess weight (FAT) off. As a 66 year old cropduster pilot who spends much time at 15 feet or less, I take umbrage at being told I'm flying HIGH...
I'm gonna show this to my Pa, keep fat off.
162/85 blood pressure should I seek medical?
Yes, you will need medical treatment.
I just turned 64 in October, I'm 120 pounds and my blood pressure is 99/73 my pulse pressure is 26 and my mean arterial pressure is 82 should I be concerned about these numbers?
BP 99/73 is normal, you're not overweight, MAP 82 is normal, the only concern could be the pulse pressure which stays lower than 40. It's not a big problem at present, but in some cases it indicates poor heart function, so you may consider more exercises on a daily basis, that can help a lot.
I am 65 female that my blood pressure has always been 120 - 125. I weigh 165 and 5 "5' and never been worried but now it running like 187 /125. Now it is tonight 161/91 and pulse 104 should I be concerned
Please contact your doctor at your earliest convenience, and make the earliest appointment, you'll need medication treatment.
Blood pressure 87 over 52. 73 years old
Hi Mrs. Arton, your BP reading is lower than the normal range, do you feel dizzy from time to time? When you feel dizzy make sure you lie down right away, at your age it's definitely no good if you fall down.
I’m 78 and today my blood pressure is 148/48. Should I be Concerned? I do have A-Frb.
It's fine. Diastolic at 48 looks low but it happens in women at your age.
151/111 - dont feel dizzy and eat good. 42yo 130 lbs
Hello, some people just don't feel a thing with a high BP, it doesn't mean the high BP isn't doing harm to your blood vessel, kidney, cardio. 151/111 is a high reading, you'd better get an evaluation from a cardiologist, or at least seek help from your primary.
For my father I gave hom hos blood pressure this afternoon was 120 over 75. This evening it was 116 over 61. My dad's very thin and has diabetes. Is 116 over 61 under to much or fine ???
Hello Ms. Lisa, 116/61 is normal and fine. BP under 90/60 is defined as low blood pressure. BP above 140/90 is defined as high blood pressure. Any reading in between is fine.