Blood Pressure Chart By Age

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When I was at the doctors on November 9th they told me my blood pressure was elevated 112 / 90 I thought it was because I was upset I didn't feel well and it was the second time in three weeks that I've been there. Because I didn't feel well I am concerned that I didn't listen to the warning if I need to be concerned and I carelessly excused it by being upset for the flu that I was experiencing what do you suggest that I need to do cuz I do feel like there's an extra pressure on my arms and neck? I wonder how often that the response answers take? Today is November 28th 2018 I'll check tomorrow thank you
Hello, the top number 112 is good, the bottom number 90 is at the borderline for diastolic. Normally the top number and bottom number has a difference of 40 mm Hg, the difference of yours is 22 mm Hg, this means decreased blood vessel elasticity. At the borderline, it's okay not to take the BP meds right away, but a healthy diet and daily exercise will help you a lot. Cut half of your sodium intake, take plenty of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fish, walk for 30-60 minutes a day 4-5 days a week. And try to measure your BP frequently, if not everyday.
My son is 8 years old and his blood pressure is 101 over 61, is this ok
Kids 7-12 years old, top value 90-110, bottom value 60-75, 101/61 is normal.
one day it is 112/67/100 then one day is 160 /105/102 what now ?
Try a few more times, if you're at rest, not right after dinner, and you still have BP close to 160/105, I'd suggest you talk to your doctor, it might not be a BP problem, the BP fluctuation can be a symptom of some other disease. Well, if you did have a heart rate 100 when you have BP 112/67, the heart rate is a bit fast.
I've been checking my blood pressure at different times of day and see that I range between 135/64 and 145/71. I'm an 80 years old female, exercise (daily walking up and down hill for 40 minutes daily) cook healthy meals but like my glass of daily wine, and take diclofenac (50 gr. 5 times a week for arthritis). used to have low pressure so this is new. danger?
This range of BP isn't in a dangerous reading, you're obviously taking good care of your health, which is very nice. What concerns me is you used to have low blood pressure and now you have high blood pressure, does the change occur today and you were in low BP yesterday? In case your BP was below 120/80 yesterday and days before yesterday, then I think you need to talk to your dr. since something might occur that raised your BP. Yet if you haven't been measuring the BP for a period of time, I would think you'll need to start on BP medication.
I am 48 yo Went CVS to check my blood pressure it read 149 over 83. I waited and took it again and read 140 over 89. Should I be concerned. I’m having pressure on head , nausea, a little dizziness. I have been feeling this way for three day now . Should I go see my physician
140/89 is a borderline reading, high blood pressure is defined as higher than 140/90. Usually people don't feel discomfort at the borderline, however you should see your primary if you do have symptoms like head pressure, nausea, and dizziness.
I'm 75 and on b/p meds (Norvasc) A good reading for me seems to be 145/70 but I've seen it higher or lower all in the same day. Best thing I did was to cut out salt. I'm not fanatic about it, but I don't add to my cooking or meals. Also I drink garlic/lemon tea and that helps also. Okay?
It's good for you to cut out salt and drink healthy tea, except the BP isn't in a good range, top number 145 is still high, since you've already on meds, I think you may discuss with your cardiologist about adjustment on your meds. Better keep the reading under 140/90.
I'm 57 F. My blood pressure was 118/66/54 ? Yesterday was 92/74/91 should I see A doc. These was done when I woke up .
The values are within the normal range, although they fluctuate. They look fine and my recommendation is to keep tracking the blood pressure and pulse every day.
I am a woman 73 years old my blood pressure was 126/65 yesterday is that a good range for me?
Yes, it's good and good. No worry, stay happy. :)
AgeMinimum BPAverage BPMaximum BP
15 to 19 y/o 105/73 mm/Hg117/77 mm/HG120/81 mm/Hg
20 to 24 y/o108/75 mm/Hg120/79 mm/Hg132/83 mm/Hg
25 to 29 y/o109/76 mm/Hg121/80 mm/Hg133/84 mm/Hg
30 to 34 y/o110/77 mm/Hg122/81 mm/Hg134/85 mm/Hg
35 to 39 y/o111/78 mm/Hg123/82 mm/Hg135/86 mm/Hg
40 to 44 y/o112/79 mm/Hg125/83 mm/Hg137/87 mm/Hg
45 to 49 y/o115/80 mm/Hg127/64 mm/Hg139/88 mm/Hg
50 to 54 y/o116/81 mm/Hg129/85 mm/Hg142/89 mm/Hg
55 to 59 y/o118/82 mm/Hg131/86 mm/Hg144/90 mm/Hg
60 to 64 y/o121/83 mm/Hg134/87 mm/Hg147/91 mm/Hg
I am a 54 year old female and my blood pressure is 140/101??? I am on a diuretic to help control my blood pressure. I have not been feeling well headache and all. Should I go to ER??
Blood pressure in 140/101 is not dangerous. It's less possible to make you feel headache. You should adjust the dose to lower the blood pressure to 120/80 mmHg. If your headache is severe, you should go to ER. It may not be related to the blood pressure, but a severe headache could be a symptom of some other problems.