Do I Need Atrial Fibrillation Medications?

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Do I have to take medication every day? I took them for three months and I have bloody stool.

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what is the risk difference for a person with afib and a person without afib
Afib increases the risk of stroke, Afib raises the chance of shape of blood clot, therefore people with Afib have to take blood thinner every day. The blood thinning can be double edged, it decreases the chance of blood clot, but increases the risk of bleeding. A portion of people cease the blood thinner because of the bleeding(not telling their doctor of course), and then develop into stroke.
Yes, you have to. Afib leads to stroke, which almost means disability and mortality. Afib causes blood clot to form, if you don't take blood thinner, you get stroke. Blood thinner like Wafarin raises the risk of GI tract bleeding, if you have bloody stool, get help from a GI doctor to stop the bleeding. But you can't just stop the blood thinner.