Let's talk about less common symptoms of diabetes

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Common symptoms are well known. Has anyone experienced anything uncommon with being diabetic?

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I feel sleepy during the daytime, is this because due to high blood sugar?
There is a sleepiness called diabetes sleepiness. Regular tiredness is a diabetes symptom.
Feeling sleepy and tired is a symptom of diabetes, it's called diabetes fatigue or diabetes drowsiness.

When your blood sugar is high, the blood becomes 'thicker", this "thicker" blood affects the circulation, so the body cells can't get enough oxygen and nutrition. This makes a person feel drowsiness and tired.

Any has sleep difficulty? I feel it hard to get asleep and I wake up twice every night. It's so so unpleasant angry

Yes, because of the high blood sugar your body wants to pass out the urine all the time, that makes you half asleep half awake all night.
I take a pill to help me sleep.  It's called Quitepine. I call it my coma pill.  If you get this prepare to sleep within the hour you take it.  And plan to sleep at least eight hours. Good luck!  BTW, I don't have problems with fatigue during the day.
Thank you for sharing your sleeping pill. I've been using a herbal one for years and it's becoming less and less effective. I think I'll need new one, a stronger one. Let me try Quitepine.
Thank you!