What Is Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer?

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Hi Janet i was in a car wreck an cut off 75%Prayers the tail of the pancreas tore liver an spleen this was 25 years ago,I am now bleeding thru my bowels the pain is unbearable at times I had a colon notify run an the scope before the test i poured out alot of pure blood .No pain medicine helps but they are doing more damage by backing my bowels up i moved to another state im having a hard time finding a doctor.to treat me .
The bleeding might be gastrointestinal bleeding, the bleeding may have nothing to do with the damage from the car accident 25 years ago.
Pancreatic cancer is the silent killer, hard to find, easy to spread, the prognosis is almost the worst among all cancer types. With that said, early detection is the key. Everyone is recommended an abdomen ultrasound every year.