What Is The Expectancy of a Liver Cancer Patient?

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I had a good friend i known him for 18 years and me and my fiancee took him to stanford and he found out he had a mass in his liver they told him that theres a precidure that can be done to take that mass out so we were happy about that so when we took him back and they tell him his insurance wont cover the precidure i now listen anyone who is reading this if you have a mass you make sure your insurance covers for what ever precidure you need to survive unfortioniley my friend didnt he died. Last month on the 25 th 16 days after his 65th birthday i still cry for him ok thank you
I'm sorry for your loss, Ms. Blackman. Life is hard.
Depending on the stages. The  official Cancer Statistics didn't report a life expectancy but reported the 5-year survival rate.

For liver cancer -

local cancer 31%

regional cancer  11%

distant cancer 3%