Has anyone tried PLAQUENIL, any side effect?

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I was on this drug for Sjogrens and was taken off of it 2 1/2 years later due to effects to my eyes and lungs
PLAQUENIL does damage retina and the damage is irreversible. Rarely it affects the lung. Yet, people with Sjogrens' syndrome tend to have lung problems caused by inflammation, such as bronchitis (affecting the bronchial tubes), tracheobronchitis (affecting the windpipe and bronchial tubes), and laryngotracheobronchitis (affecting the voice box, windpipe, and bronchial tubes). This is due to dry mouth.
I was put on plaquenil for RA. I had slight diarrhea and no other issues in the first two weeks. I was feeling happy since I've seen people talking about side effects and very scary. In around three weeks, one day when I was in shower, I noticed that a lot of my hair came down. I looked into mirror, both sides of my scalp look thinner. I stopped it ever since then, talked to Dr. I don't want to be bald. Ridiculously I didn't even feel a difference after taking it for three and a half weeks, Dr. said it takes three months to be effective, but I paid for so many of my hair. I don't have a lot of hair, you know, and my hair means a lot to me.

Used plaquenil to treat dermatomyositis , my CK levels went from 1300 to 300 in a few months, then switched to azathioprine.