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Looking for a Pain Relief Center or Pain Management Clinic in or near Hickory, N.C.

I have been treated at local clinic for lower back pain and degenerative disc disease. Water

therapy and medication seem to be the only things that help to ease the pain.  Can

anyone help me, please !  Thank you .

                                                            Toni Thompson
detailed info
The Unifour Pain Treatment Center is a spacious, well-equipped freestanding facility centrally located in Hickory, North Carolina.

The center is to improve patient’s quality of life by using a  multidisciplinary approach to chronic and acute pain conditions. Their approaches include injections, physical therapy, psychiatric care, medication therapy or implantable devices.

Conditions treated in a Pain Management Program include but are not limited to:
Low back and neck pain
Failed back surgery
Cancer pain
Diabetic and other neuropathies

It is located in 250 18th St Cir SE Hickory, NC  28602
Phone: (828) 324-4005
Fax: (828) 315-5974