Stool Color - Possible Causes

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My stool is light brown and no 3 soft Should I be worried.
It is maybe affected by food.Stool routine examination can be concucted when necessary.
I've had no green vegetables, and yet my stool is a yellow/green color for two days now.  I have had extremely loose stool for that time also.  I have a history of Clark's Level IV metastatic melanoma.
Hello, your green stool should be a symptom of indigestion. Your condition may be caused by improper diet. In view of your situation, make the following suggestions to you:
1. Eat regularly, quantitatively, and eat fewer and more meals. Get enough calories and nutrients in a planned way.
2. Eat a diet rich in vitamin A and C, and eat more green vegetables and fruits. In addition,
In patients with stage I Clark's level III and IV malignant melanoma (MM), recurrence rates of 30-60% can be expected after resection of the primary lesion.
My stools have been green for a few months now and I haven't eaten any green veggies. What could be the reason?
Hello, the normal colour of stool is yellow. There are many reasons for the green colour of stool, such as eating too many green vegetables, indigestion, enteritis, or taking some drugs can also cause the colour of stool to turn green. In this case, you can go to the hospital to check the stool routine to see if there are bacterial infections. At ordinary times, you should pay attention to light diet and not eat raw, cold and greasy food.
I used to have green stool, like for a couple of days. Dr. said it's because of indigestion. Dr. seems care more about black poop since it means bleeding, green means nothing to them. But you've had a few months, I think you need to see a doctor. My Dr. asked me to eat less ice, and gave me some digestive enzymes.
I began taking Ferrous Sulfate yesterday and have taken 3 tablets , would this cause my poop to very dark/black
Yes,it is.
Yes,it is.
Yes, Ms. Sandra, iron supplements can cause your stool dark red/black, because of excessive iron into it.
My stool is black could it be because I had a virus 4 days ago
Hi Tenecia,you may take a test on the stool, then lab people can tell you it's an infection problem or there's blood in the stool.
My stool had been all most white the last couple of times it did go back brown but the next bowel movement was white
Hello Claudia, white stool means a lack of bile, it potentially means the bile can't be passed to the intestines, most likely because of a block. That's why you need to see a doctor, get a CAT scan see what is blocking the bile. Do take it serious.
My  stool is dark yellow but very light.
Do you have any primary digestive disease? If not, no need to worry. It's always better to do a stool test though.