What Is the Fact About Stool Color?

8 Answers

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I had a stomach bug last week...but still have a stabbing pain under my right upper rib. Every morning since the bug, I've had tricolored stool. Claycolored,brown a little green and maybe a lil ttle black. Hard to tell.....what does it mean??? Should I be worried,or see doctor???
i don't know what's stomach bug. if you don't feel anything uncomfortable, you can Observe the situation  for a while ,see if it's going normal.
Lately I have had light brown stool with a halo of yellow and the water has been increasingly yellow.
how is your diet and drink habit recently? normally the stool is yellow, relating to what you eat.
do you have may other symptom? if not, it's ok.

I have had diarrhea 3 mornings in a row and stool is soft & black.
What is wrong?
do you eat something black ? if not, you may have bleeding  in your digestive system.
you should go to the hospital to test your stool and see a doctor ASAP. it can be serious and life -threatening.
Severe abdominal distinction, very uncomfortable.  Not able to eat, and whiteish diarrhea. I have had distinction in my abdomen for 2-3 years. Most was due to a faulting mesh that was used when I had surgery,  need help with what I should do.
I am not sure what surgery do you have? no matter what, it has happened . you should are about your diet and take drugs  to relieve the symptom.
My stool has been a clay yellow color and is hard to come out like an ice cream machine. What is wrong with me?
Obstructive jaundice should be the main cause. Obstruction of the passage of bile into the intestine results in no bile in the digestive tract, resulting in grayish clay-like stools. It could be associated with the possibility of tumor, liver and gallbladder disease, duodenal ampullary disease.
This complicated? Isn't it constipation? You can't pass it out, and in clay yellow. You need fiber.
My stool color is orange. Is it a problem.
It's possibly bloody stool. You'd better have it tested.
My stool is dark green I had dairy Queen on Monday the 13 nachos cheese and meat I did taste allitle meat not cook but did not think nothing of it now different story
I once had green stool a few years ago, lasted for 2 days or 3 days, I can't remeber. I was scared, thought it's a terrible disease, doctor said it's okay, indigestion. I didn't do nothing, it disappeared and never come back again.
For 2 days when having a movement, my stool is green, with the normal brown mixed in, what does that mean?
Usually digestion problem, it should recover in a few days. Change into soft easy-to-digest foods.