What Is Pancreas Liver Cancer?

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I was hospitalized over the week end:  I was having a great day got my hair done, truck washed, was going out to dinner with my daughter, when sudden adominal pain, and uncontrol bowel movement and small vomit of gall and strans of muscus came up. colasped in krogers bath room floor, seemed like I was dying, bright crystal lights was taken to hospital in life squade., did blood work came back my lipase level was 3000, yes 3000, kept me overnight in hospital, that morning my Lipase lavel was 643.  I am very concerned about my liver and panicreast.  Going to dr.s tomorrow with results of all my test .  Is it possible I have cancer, I am 70 years old.
it's hard to say . since you are 70 years old,you have a big chance for cancer. on the other hand , cancers don't have urgent symptoms like this. more test is nedded. such as MRI for liver and pancreas.
Lucy being 70 has nothing to do with cancer my five year old daughter died of cancer....you must be very young...
Pancreatic cancer do occur much more frequently in people 50+, it isn't common in young age. Some cancers affect kids more often, some attack the aged more often.
My dad has die its, his foot suddenly went cold and the coldness went up his leg. They cut his leg off. Then they did a c t scan of his body and said they found a spot on his pancreas.  They said it was cancer. He had no symptoms and still till this day no systems . But his pancreas is not producing insulin. Could he been missed diagnosised????
I am not sure about this. many disease can't be diagnosed by the symptoms or things like you described, otherwise the blood tests and other tests can be of no use. I am sorry I can't help you.
Had a Ct scan since they did a endonoscopy and found severe gastritis in the CT scan they found lesions in the liver the largest on right lobe 2.9mm and another about same on left lobe liver also a mass in the tail end of pancreas going for biopsy next week other than gastritis symptoms no other symptoms are these symptoms life treating ? I’m a colon cancer survivor 1999 did chemo.
I also can't tell what the lesion is. Biopsy is the only way to find out. Don' t worry to much. Remeber you are a survivor.
our daughter 61 7 mo and 23 days just died of pancreatic cancer, absolutely no symptoms at all. she was SCUBA diving end of January, home for birth of new grandchild and had pain in shoulder which she attributed to diving in really high current and sea two week's prior. Had hair done and went to get checked .. to see if she tore something in shoulder Advil wasn't working. Dr. checked, blood test and then called. something is off here, come in. 5 wks later she was dead. Metastatic cancer, bile duct closed off and it was down hill so rapidly, one dose of chemo. and gone.. 4th stage and no symptoms? We are all shocked, as she was always diet conscious, exercised, yoga. Healthy as far as anyone was concerned . As mentioned Scuba diving isn't an easy sport and she was doing this a couple times a week with men. Leader and guide. Is there something we should be looked at in family, we have had diabetes on both sides of family Our daughter , NO . shocked and looking for answers, are there any?
We're sorry for your loss, Mrs. Stone. Pancreatic cancer is the hidden killer, usually when symptoms come out it's in the late stage. However, a high portion of patients were first diagnosed diabetes about three years before the cancer diagnosis, these people were fine with their blood glucose and suddenly they found they became diabetes. If there's a family member diagnosed pancreatic cancer, the rest family members are at relatively high risk and it's recommended to take CT scan every year as a way of screening. Hope this can help.
I'm Feeling pain to cause me to go to unrinate often.
UTI is more likely, see a urologist, if it's infection, it's easy to cure.
Had a CAT scan my liver and pancreas duct are swollen, what does this mean?
It means something is blocking or compressing.
They found a mass on my momma pancreas and a Lession on her liver what do I need to expect from the biopsy tomorrow?
Hi Ms. Mathis, the biopsy will show it's malignant or benign.