What Are the Early Warning Signs of Leukemia?

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I have pain in both legs and it hurts all the way to the bone. They don’t give test for leukemia anymore, at least that’s what I was told. I was told I have restless leg syndrome,but I feel something else is going on, but can’t get any help.
you should take a x-ray at least, if you can't stand the pain ,see a doctor and get pain-killer.
Ive been put thru ringer with labs colonoscopy endoscopy labs repeated 4x in 3 weeks same ones. I have red flat bump things on my arms that turn into perfect lil circles then r gone in 24 hrs. Im nauseasous 24 7 ive lost 53lbs in 4 mths nightsweats swollen glands..chills low grade fever. Im exhausted all the time.
HI, what is the blood panel result and colonoscopy result like? If the WBC is normal you don't need to worry about leukemia.
Low white blood cell count for years
In Acute Myeloid Luekemia how terrible was it that I did waited until it was an emergency to go ? One week prior to going to ER II was tired and could not breathe well. Still, a week went by. Thank you
How terrible it was, this can't be right.