What Are the Symptoms and Treatment of Adrenal Insufficiency?

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Hyperthyroidism and adrenal deficiency linked?
i think it's not related.
I have graves desease hyperthyroidism and also have had 20 bowel obstructions Personal exsperience Cramping around belly button Contractions/ renal area numb/ no push sensation/ nausea/ pressure/bloating/intense yuranary pain-Pelvic/Heart racing hot cold sweats/Anxiety/Fear/ When I had one of my intestinal blockage the Dr. Did emergency survery cutting 7 in. Of my bowel that was dead out, The blood supply cut off strangulation Then my throat Thyroid area would pulsate be swollen glands /& heart palpitations I believe there all 3 linked? Its an Artery issue when blood supply is cut off there for all Vital organs suffer mainly Kidneys that try to filter waste . my personal opinion Stay away from Meats/ Sauces/hard to process foods/Cafiene/Soda/Nuts/Dairy Milk/Alcohol/Smoking/Stress/ WALK Even if it hurts/PRAY PRAY PRAY
Yeah, healthy diet, good lifestyle, I get that. It's tough.

I guess I've had too many good foods when I was young so there's nothing other than vegetable left for me.