What Are the Early Signs of Kidney Failure?

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This article does not tell me what to do about it except see a doctor. I experienced complete Renal Failure while bicycling long distances in heat and humidity according to blood tests. How do I know if this will re-occur and when to seek help? I’ve biked long distances in the heat all my life solo often and I’m wondering if I can continue doing what I want when I want or if I should buy a motorcycle and forget fitness and real hard activities?
Hello Jeff, if you've recovered completely, it's okay to cycle but you'd start from a short distance. Make sure you get enough rest during the exercise, and stay hydrated. Dehydration and exhaustion are the enemy.
can Apple Cider Vinegar help your kidneys
If the kidney function is already impaired, apple cider vinegar isn't necessarily a good choice. Apple cider vinegar contains more potassium than sodium, kidney disease leads to high potassium because it can't metabolize normally, putting the two together it'll lead to potassium build-up.
Any relevance there?
Apple cider vinegar doesn't cause kidney impairment, a person with CKD has to limit the daily potassium intake.
I have stage 4 kidney disease I also have VERY itchy skin possibly a rash what should I do
Skin itchiness is very common in patients with kidney disease. Some researchers call it uremic pruritis.

Topical treatment with or without anti-inflammatory compounds or systemic treatment with (a) gabapentin, (b) μ-opioid receptor antagonists and κ-agonists, (c) drugs with an anti-inflammatory action, (d) phototherapy, or (e) acupuncture can be tried with varied efficacy.
Please tell me your age, gender and race. Moreover, please give normal reference values of the lab tests that you've got. In general, the normal creatinine level in most labs is no more than 1.3mg/dL. Yours is slightly elevated. However, it does not necessarily mean you have any kidney problem. For those who exercise heavily or eat high proteins before testing, this could also be normal. Please give a detailed description of your symptoms.